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Letter Writing

Letters are more likely to get in if they are kept simple. Sometimes prisoners don’t get the envelope so you should write the return address on the letter itself. Prisoners are allowed photos, but none of themselves.
No: staples, books, cookies, stickers, beautifully knit scarves, you get the idea. Also please keep in mind that prisoner guards will be reading everything that you write. You can also use a fake name for yourself if you want.

Below are the addresses of the current people serving time for the 2010 toronto g20 protests. Please send them letters of support, let’s all make sure they feel loved and connected. They would love to hear about struggles happening on the outside everywhere, to break the isolation inherent in prisons.

ATTN Kevin Chianella
Joyceville Institution
Highway 15
PO Box 880
Kingston, Ontario
K7L 4X9

George Horton
Central East Correctional Center
541 Hwy 36
Lindsay, ON
K9V 4S6