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Statement from Kevin

My name is Kevin Chianella,
Since 2010 I’ve feared for my freedom in the outside world.  Now in 2014 sentenced for my crimes 4 years ago at the G20 summit in Toronto, Ontario I worry daily for those who stuck their necks out there to defend me.  My very close friend Evan Potts donated around 5000 dollars to help his friend pay his legal fees.  Without him I would not have had legal representation for my trial hearings and sentencing.  I would have been in prison longer and would not have had 37 of my 53 charges dropped.  He is not the only one that helped me through this.  My 90 year old grandmother stepped up to the plate.  She was the only family member that donated money to my cause.  She helped me and let me borrow 8000 dollars on top of all the other money she put into the cause.  There is nothing I can do in prison to try and pay them back.  I’m crying out for help in this situation I face.  Being the good friend Evan is I only have to pay him back half of the money that I owe him a total of 2500 dollars.  All together including both of them I need to raise 10, 500$.  This is a callout for help.  There’s nothing I can do in prison but as soon as I get out I’m going to work toward my goal everyday.  On top of all my worries I fear for my grandmother’s health and I don’t want her last memories of me being a prisoner who couldn’t keep his word.  My thanks go out to those who read this and to everyone who has helped even in small ways you know who you are.
                                                                                                             – Kevin Chianella

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