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ACAB #5 Guelph ABC Newsletter

ACAB #5, January 2011 issue of the Guelph ABC newsletter is now available for distribution!


Contents include:

– Support Roger Clement
– On Trial by Alex Hundert
– Support Political Prisoners of the G20
– Prison Revolts
– Ottawa TDOR
– New Years Eve Noise Demos
– Struggle Against Prison: Action Reports
– Prisoners Strike in Georgia
– RNC Prisoner Gay-Bashed
– Marie Mason’s Sentencing Appeal Denied
– Trial of John Graham
– Giannis Dimitrakis Sentence Reduced
– Alfredo Bonanno Released
– Communique from Anarchist Prisoner in Chile
– Prison Riot in England

You can download the zine here:

ACAB #5 

If you know of a prisoner who would like a copy mailed to them for free, please email us:

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