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The beginning of a Revolutionary tradition

The 2nd annual Running Down The Walls in Guelph was a great success fund raising over $2000 dollars with up to 40 people participating. The money raised will be split between the Anarchist Black Cross Federation: Political Prisoner Subsistence program, and rent on Ryan Rainville and Kelley Pflug Back’s housing when they are out of pre-trial state sanctioned house arrests from their g20 related arrests in 2010.

The Success of RDTW is that people come together and actively support revolutionary activity. We are supporting prisoners and those repressed by the state. It is not only because they are caged in government sanctioned hellholes, that we show support.* It is because we support revolutionaries and more so the act of creating revolution and resistance in defense of communities, land bases, cultures, and ourselves. In the open support of revolution lies the real power of RDTW. We support the Leonard Pelletiers and Ramona Africa’s of this world. We desire to find in ourselves the love, dignity and determination that has been displayed by our imprisoned revolutionary comrades behind enemy walls.

Thanks To OPIRG Guelph and WPIRG Waterloo for supporting us and the countless individuals that participated, supported or donated funds to make this event what it was.

We also regret not talking enough at the Running Down The Walls event about the struggles of specific Political Prisoners in North America. To learn more about imprisoned North American Revolutionaries, Political Prisoners and Prisoners of War visit   or

If you have not donated to RDTW and still want to you can send money via paypal on the website or send a check to Guelph ABC with RDTW in the memo line.

We want to make this event a revolutionary tradition in Guelph and spread it to other cities across Canada in 2012. If you would like to participate in planning for next years event send an email to

* In Canada this year there were over 300 000 people in some form of custody. In the United States 2.5 million people are currently incarcerated and 7.5 million went through a form of correctional supervision.


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