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Ryan Rainville Sentencing Update

Ryan’s sentencing has been remanded until Monday, October 31st at Old
City Hall Court (60 Queen Street West) due to the obnoxious begging and
pleading by the Crown attorney over so-called biased pre-sentencing
reports. In any case, the judge seemed rather annoyed by the Crown’s
antics which is probably a good sign for Ryan.
If everything runs smoothly this should be Ryan’s last court appearance
in relation to his G20 charges (3 counts of mischief, 1 count of
disturbing the peace) which he has pled guilty to. Guelph ABC strongly
encourages all those able to attend to come out and show support for our
fellow anarchist comrade!

*For those of you planning on attending and taking the bus (Greyhound)
from Guelph there are bus tickets available if you are in need of them
to get to and from court. Tickets are limited however at this point and
are first come first served. If you’d like to grab one up either write
Guelph ABC

Posted in G20 Update, Southern Ontario.