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Toronto Metro West Noise Demo Report Back

from anarchistnews

On the evening of Monday, December 5th, about twenty masked people descended on the Toronto Metro West Detention Centre for a noise demo for our comrades locked up inside these prison walls. Stuck in the middle of an industrial wasteland in the northwest part of Toronto, Metro West serves to incarcerate over 600 inmates from the Greater Toronto Area.

We arrived at the prison during a correctional officer shift change, and while we received a wealth of bewildered looks, the demo went off without a hitch with no police interference. When we got around to the back of the prison, we began shooting off fireworks and chanting slogans to the prisoners.

Prisoner, prisoner, bottle rocket. Prisoner, prisoner, roman candle! We were able to clearly see the faces of prisoners through their windows. We heard from one of our friends locked up on the inside that the whole building was rumbling with the sound of fists pounding against windows. Many hearts were filled with joy both inside and outside for this outpouring of love and rage. Discarded firework casings were then thrown at the building as we left the institution.

This action was a small act of solidarity with all those criminalized for their involvement in anti-capitalist resistance during the G20 in Toronto in June 2010.

Solidarity to prisoners in revolt and those criminalized for their thoughts and action.
– some Southern Ontario anarchists

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