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Kelly Pflug-Back Sentenced

On Thursday July 19th, Kelly Pflug-Back was sentenced to 11 months in jail and three years’ probation for wearing a disguise with intent to commit an offence (“masked with intent”) and several counts of mischief causing damage. Two of these counts arose from attacks on police cruisers, four arose from attacks on corporate storefronts, and one arose from an attack on an ATM.

Kelly is a passionate, committed advocate for change in this world. As she lives in custody, she will be struggling with health complications. Love, support, letters and donations to the Guelph ABC G20 support fund are all appreciated.

We have received confirmation that Kelly is being held at Vanier. The address is:

Vanier Centre for Women
P.O.Box 1040
655 Martin Street
Milton, Ontario
L9T 5E6 Canada

Love & solidarity!


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