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George Horton Sentenced Today *Update Address*

On Friday, September 28th, 2012 George Horton was sentenced to 10 months in Jail for his actions during the anti-capitalist demonstrations during the 2010 G20 in Toronto. This will be followed by 2 years probation.

He was convicted of Intimidation of a Peace Office & Assault on a Police Officer related to the attack on a Toronto Police cruiser with Staff Sergeant Queens inside, as well as a number of attempted mischief’s on a number of police cruisers & a Tim Hortons. He was also convicted of Mischief over $5000 for attacking a CBC News Van. The Judge said these actions, “contributed to ongoing attacks on police, business and Media,” with George making a “notable contribution to the path of distraction [at the G20]”.

As the Judge read out officer Queens victim impact statement, where he describes being swarmed, attacked, and hit in the head by a black flag, Queens and G20 Lead Investigator Girioux freaked out. After someone in the room told them to go “fuck themselves”, they grabbed the comrade sitting behind them, shoved him over his seat and threw him against the wall, and then tried to flex their muscles by ejecting 2 other members of the crowd. This led to an uproar in court in which the judge & police were in turn chewed out by a number of people who were then kicked out.

In a truly ironic moment, the judge struggled to read out her prepared statement praising canadian democracy, freedom and rights as she was drowned out by the G20 cops discussing charging members of the gallery and sirens rang outside the window.

We will have Georges address posted as soon as possible on our website and you can check out regular updates from Peterborough ABC, which will also feature updates from George in prison.

UPDATE* Georges Address for now:


George J. Horton
c/o Toronto Jail
550 Gerrard St. E.
, ON
M4M 1X6

George J. Horton
c/o C.N.C.C.
1501 Fuller Ave.
Penetanguishene, Ontario
L9M 2H4 Canada


fuck the system, law and order, its judges and its pigs!

Guelph Anarchist Black Cross (GAyBC)

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