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Oct. 22 Event: Grand Jury Resistance

In Silence We Roar:
Grand Jury Resistance in the Pacific North West

Presentation and Letter Writing to Prisoners

Monday October 22
7pm @ The Square

Solidarity with Matt, Leah and Kteeo, currently in prison for refusing to testify in a Grand Jury.

This presentation will be detailing the events surrounding the on-going Grand Jury in the Pacific Northwest. Comrades from Seattle, Olympia, and Portland were subpoenaed to appear before the Grand Jury on August 2nd. Now, over two months later, three comrades are currently in federal prison being held in contempt for their refusal to testify. This presentation will detail what exactly a Grand Jury is and what it’s consequences are for our anarchist comrades in the Pacific Northwest. This presentation will also discuss all of the inspiring solidarity actions that have happened all over the world for our comrades currently facing this repression.

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