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Solidarity Rally for Women of GVI

This just in…..

****Please Forward Widely*******

Tomorrow (Nov. 23) there will be a protest at Grand Valley prison for women in Kitchener Ontario. Recently it has been brought to the media’s attention of the ongoing practice of guard on inmate sexual abuse, which occurs daily within the prison. One guard had been caught in the act and suspended, but however in a brazen, yet predictable move, he was immediately brought back to full duty the day after the initial media coverage. Further instilling fear in not only the brave women who took great risks to come forward, but as well as in all the women of GVI.
To make matters worse, reports from the inside are beginning to surface that not only have women been threatened with “severe repercussions” if they go public with accounts of sexual assault, but now are being coerced into making false statements on the behest of the guards under the threat of losing contact with their loved ones and much worse, if they do not. Please come out and support our most vulnerable sisters in the time of their greatest need.

11:00 a.m.

Grand Valley Institute for women
1575 Homer-Watson Blvd.
Kitchener On. N2P 2C5

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