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Coalition Justice for Levi at the Supreme Court in Ottawa this Friday

THIS FRIDAY – Case appearing before the Supreme Court of Canada calling for police accountability! We want justice for our communities, not police impunity!

Please support the Coalition Justice for Levi who are facing off at the Supreme Court of Canada this Friday – the OPP (Ontario Provincial Police) are appealing the unanimous provincial ruling in favour of the families. Please donate and help spread the indy go go campaign.

WE WANT JUSTICE FOR OUR COMMUNITIES, NOT POLICE IMPUNITY. Goliath has a big budget and a badge… So David needs solidarity and support in order to prevail. This is a story about people deciding to take action to make sure that governments and that police are accountable to the people in Canada.

Summary:  The Coalition was formed after the police killing of Levi Schaeffer to create a supportive personal and political network of solidarity for the Schaeffer family as they joined forces with the Minty family. The families asked Ontario’s Courts to look at whether the systemic police actions of lawyer note vetting and joint lawyer retainers pursued as internal policy by the O.P.P. during S.I.U. investigations were -or were not permitted within the law laid out in Police Services Act and legislation regarding police and oversight. The families won a unanimous decision at Ontario’s highest court in November, 2011. The decision laid out with great clarity that the police actions in question were not permitted by law and could not be permitted without greatly jeopardizing the legitimacy of investigations, breaching necessary segregation laws and threatening the sanctity of police notes used by police in courts as they appear for the crown as state witnesses. Unhappy with the decision that they must follow the law, the police are now taking the families to the Supreme Court of Canada. We need support so that we can support by helping to pay off family legal bills and to pay logistical costs involved with going to Supreme Court.

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8 ways that you can do to help the Coalition Justice for Levi:

• Indy-go-go campaign. You can Tweet it, Like it or Share it:
You can help the Coalition raise much-needed funds for the court challenges through donating or disseminating.

• Publish the J4L story/fundraising letter on your website (and put up link to, in newsletters, in community publications… and ask your allies to do so as well

• Pass on info about this campaign to any friendly media sources

• SAVE THE DATE: APRIL 19th 2013 ….we will need people writing, tweeting and posting on the day that we go to Supreme Court to make sure that this important day does not go unnoticed (More info about the Supreme Court Hearing here:   Thanks to all who supported & came out!)

• Link this campaign each time that you deal with police-related issues… Help us make it very clear that we are dealing with issues of systemic police impunity, not a series of bad apple scenarios

• Screen “We Want Justice for Our Communities, Not Police Impunity”, our 15 minute educational youtube video at a meeting, an event etc… or play the audio on radio shows

• Share your own best practices/best ideas for fundraising

• Consider participating in our dual fundraising campaign. The Coalition Justice for Levi has created 18 different decks of revolutionary themed magnetic poetry. Working together, we can both make money and you get awesome, creative revolutionary merch. We charge you 10$/deck and you can sell each deck for 15-20$.

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