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Urgent Need for NATO 5 Support


We are calling on comrades around the world to help raise awareness of the
NATO 5 cases and support funds for the defendants on the one-year
anniversary of their preemptive arrests. Between May 16 – 21, the one year
anniversary of their arrests, plan a fundraiser or solidarity action in
support of the NATO 5!

If you are unable to plan an entire event, you could always pass the hat at
a meeting, or even help us promote our WePay.

While their lawyers are working pro bono, the NATO 5 require upwards of
$30,000 for expert legal costs, court costs, data retrieval, etc. Any
donation amount helps!

For more information, check out the information on the Week of Solidarity
on our website:

Or go to our WePay:

In solidarity,
NATO 5 Defense Committee

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