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Eva Botten released!

Last Friday was a good day. In the cool of the morning I walked with my arm
around a friend I had never touched before, a friend who I meet through
thick glass, a friend who I only had spoken to through a phone line,
recorded. A friend whom I had only exchanged letters with, those letters
read by the screws that caged her. Eva carried a shopping bag full of papers and letters and a huge smile on her face. She climbed into our borrowed vehicle and thanked us for bringing her real coffee. We laughed and joked about how we had both cut our hair short.

Before Eva flew off to her warm home filled with cats and loved ones we had
a few hours to spend together. We resolved to head to Crawford Lake and we
found a short loop trail to hike. Along that path we discovered an apple
tree. Together walking and talking, snacking on apples, we enjoyed that
autumn day to its fullest. And even though our conversation was a bit heavy
at times our laughter echoed into the forest. It was a good day.

Eva Botten, convicted of six counts of mischief and one count of wearing a
disguise from events that occurred at 2010’s G20 in Toronto, who spent 10
months in cages of the state was released into the arms of her supporters,friends, and cats on Friday, October 18th 2013.

Posted in G20 Update, Repression, Southern Ontario.