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Translated from Fuego a Las Carceles

Hello comrades, here’s the reconstructed info that was sent to us.

Three comrades detained and accused of damages.

A different account of what reported in La Jornada.…

Yesterday, 5th of January, at approximately 10 pm, two groups of people dressed in black attacked the buildings belonging to the offices of Mexico’s Secretariat of Communications and Transportation (SCT) and a Nissan with rocks and Molotov cocktails causing damage to buildings and a several vehicles.

In an action against the SCT, we have heard reports that the federal police that were guarding the building, shot several rounds into the air as a gesture of intimidation and then fired directly towards our comrades several times, but no one was hurt.

Because of this the Office of the Attorney General of Mexico City (PGJ-DF) reported that three people have been detained: They are:

Fallon poisson (Canadian)
Amelie Pillierst (Canadian)
Carlos López Martin (Mexican)

The three are anarchist comrades who participate in various affinity projects and initiatives.

For the moment, the only charges are damages, valued at 50,000 to 150,000 pesos (approx $4,000 – $12,000 US.) If the situation doesn’t worsen, the comrades could be out free on a bail of up to 120,000 pesos, plus reparations for the damages.

We want to denounce the newspaper “La Jornada” for their complicity with the authorities of the capital, with the desire that our comrades are charged for more serious crimes, by distorting the truth of what really happened, as we have seen from the story linked above that says “several explosives detonated at both buildings, and that the event took place in the early morning” but this collective – that has the total trust of our comrades – sent an anonymous note saying that the action took place at 10pm and that no explosive was used.

Update: The last update is that the Canadian consulate has visited the comrades and that the authorities of the capital are going to deport them to their country of origin, being that this is what the GDF (the government of Mexico City) has been doing with some comrades like Alfredo Bonano and Gustavo Rodríguez. That leaves Carlos López as the last person subject to investigation, so we invite solidarity in all its forms.

For any matter of solidarity, letters, greetings, monetary help, or information, please get in touch with these emails

or the email of the Anarchist Black Cross of Mexico City

Informal anti-prison collective “Prisoners to the Streets!”
Mexico City

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