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Three Queer/Trans folk arrested outside drag show in Guelph

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Three members of the Fierce and Fabulous collective based out of Guelph, Ontario, Canada were arrested on Friday, March, 6th, 2010 with charges of allegedly assaulting a peace officer (campus cop) outside of a drag show at the University of Guelph on Friday night. They were held over night at the Guelph police station. All were released with conditions. Two have curfews of 11:00 pm and one has a curfew of 9:00 pm. All three of the kidnapped queer/trans folk have conditions to not associate with each other. One of the folks arrested who is trans. identified is also charged with a breech of probation. The specifics of the arrests are not being talked about due to legal reasons.

The folks arrested were brutally fucked up by the pigs. One person was slammed into the ground, had their head smashed onto the cruiser multiple times, and was kept in tight handcuffs to the point of having cuts and bruising on their wrists. These violent actions will NOT be tolerated, nor will the choices of the university security (The Brass Taps) who called them. The cops hope to serve their role by instilling fear into us and repressing us. Together we need to stay strong and make sure that not only their repression backfires, but that we also gather strength from these experiences.

Although Fierce and Fabulous can’t say a whole lot about the context of the arrests, the real reasons for these arrests and the police violence are very clearly not because of the alleged charges of “assaulting a peace officer.” It wasn’t coincidence that the arrests happened outside of a drag show or that they were harassed by a private security company beforehand. These arrests are yet another ridiculously obvious attack on queers/transfolk. The war against us all becomes even more apparent, and makes seeing through the state’s and the university’s “queer positive” (but only if yer assimilationist, and straight) bullshit facade even more transparent.

Their next court dates are March 15th, March 22nd and April 19th. At the Guelph Ontario Court Of “Justice”, 36 Wyndham St. South. 9:30 a.m Come out and support them, or send e-mails of support to

Up The Queers, Up The Trannies!

In Love And Even More Rage,

The Fierce and Fabulous Krew!

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